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Vision 2020 Virtual Learning Cycle 1 Grant Objectives

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In order to address the needs of the participating districts indicated by the results of the Virtual Learning Survey and STaR Chart data, the following are the objectives of the Region 16 Vision 2020 grant:

For Students:

     1)     Provide information about virtual learning opportunities

     2)     Provide funding and support when taking online courses

For Teachers:

     1)     Provide professional development for teachers in the pedagogy of technology integration in order to dissolve existing barriers to technology integration and in order to meet SBEC Standards I-V of the Technology Applications TEKS 

     2)     Foster social, emotional, and cognitive engagement of students through the use of various digital resources; tech-based tools; online and other distance learning technologies, including Web 2.0 tools 

     3)     Provide online resources and tools for each teacher to apply in developing their online course 

     4)     Provide a supportive environment for teachers to learn, practice, and perfect their technology use

     5)     Provide a secure setting (Blackboard) to collaborate with other participants, practice new technologies, share ideas, create courses, and build portfolios for future use

     6)     Provide training to support online learners

     7)     Provide the needed technology hardware and software along with appropriate training to build teacher capacity to participate in the Texas Virtual School Network

For Parents:

     1)     Provide the opportunity to learn about student virtual learning courses

     2)     Provide the opportunity to learn how to support students taking online courses

For Administrators:

     1)     Provide professional development for the campus administrator to support online learning and teaching

     2)     Provide appropriate training to increase administrators’ knowledge and skills to build a viable support system for distance learning


Using these objectives, the goal is to have 100% completion rate of students taking online courses. Each campus will be provided with a set of laptops to assure equitable access for students taking online courses.


District Needs


District Feedback


Achievement - Cycle 1 

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