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District Needs-  Cycle 1

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Results of the Region 16 ESC Virtual Learning online survey ---

Both high-need and mentor schools rated the following barriers to the integration of technology into curricula areas and online learning experience:

  • 100% lack teacher training for effective technology integration 
  • 100% lack training for development of online curriculum 
  •  88% lack teacher training for facilitation of an online course 
  • 75% lack teacher training to support students taking online courses 
  • 100% lack parental training for online learning
  • 100% DO NOT have access to online courses for high school and middle school students
  • 88% lack ongoing pedagogical support for online teaching and learning

Both high-need and mentor schools determined levels of need for technology resources and tools necessary for effective use of integration by students and teachers:

  •  88% lack necessary hardware and software to create effective online courses
  •  63% lack necessary tools to create effective online courses
  •  37% lack microphones
  •  25% lack headsets
  •  87% lack webcams
  • 100% DO NOT have accessibility to wikis, blogs, or podcasting tools

88% of participating district administrators indicated the need for training to support teachers in the development and facilitation of online courses and to support students taking online courses.

100% of participating districts agreed that with the increase of online courses for students, they do not have the necessary hardware to provide all students equitable access.

All districts indicated no need for improvement in technical support and all STaR Charts reveal campuses are Advanced or Target in the key area of Infrastructure for Technology. It is evident that all participating campuses can support distance learning. No adult literacy providers are participating in this Shared Service Agreement.


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Achievement - Cycle 1 



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